10 Days of Prayer: St. Louis in 2021

In late summer, 10 Days of Prayer: St. Louis again met in various locations around the region. This was the third year for 10 Days in St. Louis, and it's worth taking a look at what the Lord is doing as we lift up this city to Him.

For some context, and in case you're just learning about 10 Days, I also documented the events of 2019. Last year was, of course, largely virtual due to pandemic mitigation measures. However, if you'd like a more detailed historical overview, you can check out the new archive page to get an idea of how we've seen Jesus moving here.

In 2021, we began to see the Lord’s work in new ways as we considered the active obedience that must follow prayer. From September 7-16, our theme was “Reliving Acts Today,” emboldening us to follow the threads of prayer and obedience found in the Book of Acts. Each day included a unique area of focus through which God has moved His Church in St. Louis as we were encouraged to “pray and go.” This seemed a logical next step, taking us in an increasingly outward focused direction.

As a desire for unity among churches and believers has been a core tenant from the beginning, we have been encouraged to see new partner churches and locations each year, along with several area pastor groups becoming more involved as they work together to address significant needs in their respective regions.

Below are highlights from each of the 10 days, plus a more recent follow up event.

Day 1 opened in West County, as we prayed for the Spirit's Power to fill us and our region. You can view this evening's service here.

Key Scripture: Acts 1:4-15, 2:1-13, 37-41


Day 2 was a great time of prayer for community in community. This South City meeting united believers across the spectrum, all focused on Jesus in the desire to see true unity amongst the body of Christ in St. Louis. This was also in support of a new regional leader's group just forming across denominations, which met for the first time this evening.

More on this in the 10 Days Follow Up section below.

Key Scripture: Acts 2:42-47


Day 3
we met outdoors with Mid-Town Pastors in University City to pray for boldness from and for Jesus as we go into our city.

Key Scripture: Acts 4:1-13, 23-31


Day 4
was an evening of prayer in South St. Louis against violence in our city, and opportunity to hear from and pray for a representative with Cure Violence. The day's focus was that we might serve holistically, in word and deed.

Key Scripture:
Acts 6:1-7


Day 5
was a powerful time of prayer in St. Charles for our youth and youth workers, and what we prayed was the beginning of connecting youth ministry leaders from across the region. Personally, it was also a great time with several ministry friends I've worked with over the years, and opportunity to catch up with a few I hadn't seen in a while. The day's general focus was on showing God's mercy.

Key Scripture:
Acts 7:54-59


Day 6
we prayed with West County Pastors for the Spirit to breathe life into our city and into His Church.

Key Scripture: Acts 9:36-43


Day 7
was a unique evening around the Table of Fellowship. Hosted by North County Pastors, this was an opportunity to gather with others of diverse ethnic backgrounds around a moderated table to share Christ and listen to stories of life in diversity, providing opportunity to
discuss and pray for issues of race and reconciliation. This group has worked for many years toward connection and interaction between predominantly black and predominantly white churches, addressing racial concerns with Gospel clarity.

Key Scripture: Acts 10:1-34


Day 8
we joined with South County Pastors to worship and pray together in surrender to our Lord's will.

Key Scripture: Acts 12:1-17


Day 9
was a first opportunity for 10 Days to meet in St. Peters with St. Charles County Pastors, uniting to ask the Lord to lead on His mission of sharing Jesus in our city and beyond.

(I was personally unable to attend this evening, as I joined the conversation at Theology at the Bottleworks, a monthly public discussion group providing opportunities to speak from a Christian perspective on significant topics, and to build relationships with individuals from many backgrounds and beliefs. Several of us appreciated that today's missional theme made this absence especially appropriate. Also, much thanks to Bethany for the photos.)

Key Scripture: Acts 13:1-3


Day 10
was our final day, and a time to pray with North City Pastors, asking the Lord to bring His salvation and to move in every place in our city. We also had opportunity to hear from and pray for representatives from Love the Lou.

Key Scripture: Acts 16:25-34

DAY 10


Following 10 Days, we also had another opportunity to gather related to Day 2. Just last week, on November 2, a group of intercessors joined for 2 hours in North City to pray for the second meeting of this new group of church leaders. The group is now considering several areas of service they might join in to better serve the region together. A newly united effort to "pray and go."

Intercessors' Meeting in North City

It seemed no accident that on this same evening, Lester Holt with NBC News reported live from St. Louis. Not surprisingly, the focus was on crime in the region. On a positive note, there was also consideration of possible solutions, including mention of the efforts of Cure Violence.

As we asked the Lord to increase unity and love among churches and leaders, and to end the various issues affecting us all, we also dreamed of a time when the national news would have to return to pick up the story of a city so affected by the Gospel that the changes could not be explained, even through any of our best human efforts. We envisioned the sheer, collective manpower and resources of God's people, united in the Spirit to serve in love and draw others into His Kingdom. We requested the type of transformation only Jesus can bring.

Upon reflection, it is amazing to see how the requests of every one of those 10 Days flowed right into this night.

I hope you'll continue to be encouraged and keep watching for what God is doing. While His timing and method may differ from what we expect, there is always a greater story than even these small snapshots reveal. That unfolding story is true in our city and any other where God's people are looking to Him. We can be thankful the news, and even our own experiences, don't get the final word. That finale belongs to the true Word, the Lord Jesus Christ.

As always, keep praying, St. Louis!

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  1. Marco Van Raalten11/13/2021 04:43:00 PM

    I look back on 10 days with great memories. This article revive them all for me. Thank God for how he is bringing us together at his throne! He is the hope for St. Louis!


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