10 Days of Prayer in St. Louis

I just spent 10 extraordinary days praying all across the St. Louis region, from South City to North City to far West County, and all points between. This was an unusual opportunity, and an incredible experience to share.

I was privileged earlier this year to join the organizers of 10 Days of Prayer St. Louis in prayer and planning for many months leading up to these 10 days in October. 10 Days is a movement that's been adopted and adapted in several cities, but this was the first time any such effort had taken place in St. Louis. Lead organizers here decided rather than creating special meetings for a 10 day period, why not find out who's already praying in our city and join them? And so we did. I was personally able to attend 15 individual events, and am beyond thankful for all I experienced in this time.

St. Louis, as you may know, is having a mix of good and bad happening in our city. We're making national headlines for our Stanley Cup winning Blues and having our Cardinals playing ball in October again (and in our sports enthusiasm we are remarkably united), while simultaneously gaining infamy for the horrific fact that several young children became shooting victims in our city this year. Beyond crime stats, we who live here are also well aware of the ways our city is divided—along ethnic, economical and even ecclesial lines, among many others. We desperately need these things to change.

So for these 10 Days we did war in prayer alongside many others who've been fighting the same battle for years. And for all our differences, I heard so many similar threads that weren't just sparked by a unified theme or prayer guide, but the fact that we love our city, and we want to see our city know and love Jesus, the only one who can ultimately make those changes we seek.

We worshiped. We repented. We walked and we wept. We prayed over places where strongholds still exist and saw powerful examples of the walls of division coming down. And every place we went, we saw the Lord at work in power through His people. We saw real desire for change, true hope for change, actual change in progress, and every bit of that rooted in Jesus Christ, our King. Because of Him, we do not lose heart.

Here are just a few moments captured from the events I was able to attend...

Day 1 meeting in a thrift shop ministry at Grand and Chippewa.
Here county residents prayed over city residents.

Day 2 Speak to the City event for the first time in the county at the far west edge.
Praying for our entire region.

Day 2 afternoon prayer outside Crave Coffeehouse after the rain.

On my drive here, I was reminded that we were not far from where a tornado hit in the 1800s, utterly destroying many areas of the town. And yet, the city had to come together to rebuild from that event. Lord, unite us to build this place back up, especially those areas that are currently laid so low. As you were laid low on the cross for our sin and returned to life, we want to see the new life you give infused into our city. Raise this place up in your power, Lord.

Day 3 prayer at the temporary home of Refuge and Restoration,
which plans to create a center in Dellwood.

Day 4 prayer walk in Bevo, praying especially for our Bosnian neighbors.

Day 4 night of worship and teaching at Memorial Pres. near Wash U.

Day 5 worship with staff at New City Fellowship offices.
This was followed by a prayer walk in the surrounding neighborhood.

Our prayer walk took us to areas with both dilapidated and restored homes,
areas of prostitution and a community garden planted by immigrants.
Hurt and hope all around this area.

Day 5 prayer with a small and quiet gathering near Brentwood...

...and a large and loud gathering in West County.
Many styles of worship expressed to our One Great God.

Day 6 in North City, with many on their knees in the pews.

Gathering in a circle for prayer to close the night...

...hand in hand before the Throne.

Day 7 in Maryland Heights.
We prayed for many of the estimated 4,000 congregations in our region by name.

Day 7 eve, on our knees in Creve Coeur.

As we prayed on day 6 for "our daily bread," the Lord brought to mind that we live in a city where many are starving. Some physically, yes, but many more mentally, emotionally and spiritually. God, let us in the Church not also inadvertently starve ourselves by ignoring you, because all this begins in the house of the Lord. We are to be the houses helping to feed our city, and, Jesus, you are the true and better Bread. You are the Bread of Life. Feed us with the Bread of your Word. Fill us with the Bread of your Presence, with your Spirit guiding us in ways we can serve our neighbors. Give this city manna that it's never seen before, Lord. Let this city taste and see you.

Day 8 with One City/Won City for prayer and worship
at the Holiday Inn downtown.

Day 9 with Pastoral Fellowship of St. Louis for a conference on Arsenal,
including some great stories of racial unity in Christ.

Day 10 with North County pastors praying over their people
at their fourth annual Unity Sunday service,
uniting several predominantly black and predominantly white congregations.
These photos and descriptions are mere glimpses into all that went on during these 10 Days, and they can't begin to express all the Lord is doing in me through this time. Just being in His presence with His people is always amazing, but I've also learned so much more of different traditions, different styles of prayer and worship. I got to meet many people who love Jesus and St. Louis as much as I do. We don't all look and act and pray the same way, but we ultimately want the same thing—to see God bring His glory and healing to our city.

Now that 10 Days of Prayer STL is behind us, we'll talk through what the Lord did here. More importantly, we'll look forward to what He has to come as we see Him answer our prayers. Now that many of our prayer movements know about one another, we hope this will continue to improve unity among the churches of our region. And we know there are new ideas in development, such as Pray for the Lou Day next year on 3/14 (that being in reference to our "314" area code).

Whether you're a resident of the St. Louis region or any other city, always be on the lookout for the things the Lord is doing where you live. And never ever stop lifting your city up to Him in prayer. By His cross, Jesus is making all things new, even now.


  1. You were an awesome partner! Thanks for being on the team!

  2. Thank you so much for you labor of love in coordinating this! So grateful and excited for what God is doing in St Louis to bring about increased unity within the Body of Christ. May new life break forth in our churches and all across our city. Thank you for tilling the ground, sounding the call and sowing generously into the spiritual soil of St Louis! May God be magnified!


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