Marking A Year of War in Ukraine Under the Arch

On Friday, February 24, a year to the day since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a group of Ukrainians gathered at the St. Louis Arch grounds. They joined in solidarity to share their stories, to celebrate their culture, and to pray for their people and an end to the violence in their homeland.


A year ago, none of us could have imagined how many lives would be dramatically changed by this event, not only in Ukraine and Russia, but throughout the world. Since sharing my own processing of these events last March, my world too has been further affected by the privilege of sponsoring a Ukrainian family with my church, and I was glad to join with them at this rally. Other members of the local community also showed up just to express their support, at least one having come to the United States from another country as well.

This event was also featured on a local news station. It was encouraging to hear that at least 750 applications for sponsorship in the Uniting for Ukraine program have been submitted in the St. Louis area and surrounding counties alone. However, as of this writing, many more sponsors are needed. 

If you are an American citizen who would like to connect with Ukrainians seeking sponsorship, or are a Ukrainian looking for a U.S. sponsor, please visit ukraine.welcome.us/connect. You are also welcome to reach out to me with questions about sponsorship and resettlement. Thank you for considering serving Ukrainian refugees in this way.

We continue to look to the Prince of Peace, to Jesus Christ, for an end to this conflict. Thank you for continuing to pray for Ukraine.


  1. Sarah thank you! We appreciate for what you have done and still doing for our family. Praying for victory in Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine. Glory to heroes!

  2. People need to hear what is going on and how they can help people from Ukraine.


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