Pray for the Lou's "21 Days of Prayer" Guide & Videos

God, tear down wickedness,
raise up righteousness,
send revival
and heal St. Louis.

This was our cry each day for the last 3 weeks.

Pray for the Lou just wrapped up 21 Days of Prayer, an opportunity to learn about different aspects of St. Louis history, and to lament and pray over this region, with focus on the story of Nehemiah chapter 1.

Whether you're just learning about the 21 days or you'd like to revisit any of these snapshots of history, the link to sign up for the prayer guide and videos from each day are shared below.

This is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn a little more about how our past has affected our present, informing our prayers and even showing us ways the Lord might involve us in the city's healing today.

On a personal note, I experienced much disruption from the start of PFTL this year, including vehicle and garage door issues, days of severe leg pain unexplained by doctors, a GPS malfunction and other unusual situations. The theme especially of hindering mobility became too consistent to be coincidental. Yet the Lord was gracious to allow me to push through, most notably during topics of particular significance to me. Many of us involved even peripherally with these prayer movements have experienced various kinds of spiritual warfare, which should serve to remind us that what we are doing is truly significant.

As we continue looking to Jesus to bring His healing and change, my prayers have also been changing. Perhaps especially in the last year, I've increasingly asked the Lord to allow us to really see clear change in St. Louis, and I hear others requesting the same. While any change can take the patience of generations, I've been encouraged by stories I've heard even during these 21 days. As others have prayed for our city before us, the Lord has now called us to care, pray and act in our day. It is a privilege to be even a small part of what He is doing here.

Of our many needs, clearly the greatest has always been to love one another. If only this command had been kept, so many atrocities would have never occurred. So I also pray we begin to genuinely understand, express and experience the love of God within the Church and to our neighbors as we move into what the Lord has next for our city.

Truly, there is Nothing Impossible with Jesus. Keep praying, St. Louis!

21 Days of Prayer Page
"Tears for St. Louis" Prayer Guide Sign Up Link

21 Days Daily Devotional YouTube Playlist

PFTL graphic used by permission.

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