...Eternal Stuff Really Does Matter - A Response to a Local Tragedy

In the wake of another local shooting in the last week—an event I missed in person solely by God's grace—I recently shared the following on social media. This was another clear reminder to me that the Lord has kept me here to keep telling you about who He is. And as we get ready for Pray for the Lou in the City of St. Louis on 3.14, it's yet another reminder of how desperately our entire region needs Jesus.

So, somewhat off the cuff, this is what I wrote...

Regarding the Community Center shooting: We just joined there for 1 month (winter swims!) and have a few days left. Both considered going last night, really should have, but didn’t tell each other until after the news hit. Now realizing we’ve encountered one or both of the individuals involved. One now injured. One dead.

Folks, alongside my general silliness, I talk about Jesus and prayer and such on here more than a little. Lots of reasons for that, but one is eternal stuff matters. What happens both today and after we die is a big deal. We find events like this shocking, especially when they feel “close to home,” and we absolutely should. But maybe we’re not shocked enough to really respond. The every day truth is we literally do not know what the next moment will bring.

So while disaster fatigue and fleeting comforts try to lull us to sleep, I’m praying for an awakening. I pray it for our region. I pray it for you.

Instead of letting this or the next disaster dull us, I pray they sharpen the eternal significance of every moment. I pray we begin to hear God’s voice over all others. That we can taste and see the Lord really is good in spite of the world’s mess. That we can see Jesus, who already faced down and defeated death. That every sense is affected by the truth of who Jesus is so we can love God and each other right and well.

"Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." -Ephesians 5:14

More than anything else, I want this for you.

Don’t sleep through all this. I’m thankful I’m still here to tell you eternal stuff really does matter.

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