What God Does With Broken Things // Easter 2019

What do you do when something you own gets broken? We usually try to repair or replace, or, if all hope is lost, we recycle what we can. Things break around us all the time, and this expands beyond mere stuff. We see it in situations and systems, people and our planet, things often far too big for us to try to “fix” on our own.

That’s why it’s amazing to consider what God does with broken things, and how He has a remarkable way of working with and through them.

Broken Bread Multiplied
The Bible tells us Jesus frequently used bread as a visual aid to teach greater truths. On two occasions he used a few broken loaves of bread and some fish to feed thousands. To one crowd who wanted more of this miracle meal, Jesus told them this was about more than their growling stomachs, stating, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” (John 6:35)

Broken Bodies Healed
When people around Jesus were broken, He could simply touch them or say a word and their bodies and minds would be healed. Yet even that physical healing was pointing toward a greater spiritual healing. All this dysfunction and disrepair actually points to our broken relationship with God. But Jesus was about to repair even this by being broken Himself.

Broken Lord Restored
Shortly before being arrested, Jesus broke bread in front of His closest followers as part of a Passover meal, telling them it represented His broken body. Days later the Bread of Life Himself was broken on a cross and placed in a tomb. When Jesus stepped out of that tomb 3 days later, well, you might imagine even His closest followers had a hard time believing.

As a couple of them were walking home, Jesus caught up and walked alongside. Yet they had no idea it was Him until He did something very familiar, blessing and breaking bread in front of them. Suddenly they knew the once broken Bread of Life was now restored! And if He was restored from death to life, He can restore us too.

Broken People Renewed
It really is amazing to see God work with broken things, especially people. Even though we contribute to the mess anytime we choose not to love God or others, He continually invites us to the table, offering something more satisfying than we’ve ever known. For whoever comes to Him, He’s ready to give real life, renew our relationships and even bring us into a fully rebuilt world one day.

He sure didn’t have to take on another project, but I’m beyond thankful the Lord continues to work even on a broken mess like me. (“Under restoration,” as I like to say.) And if you haven’t yet accepted the offer, I’d like to invite you to His table to see all the amazing ways Jesus, the broken and restored Bread of Life, is able to multiply, heal, restore and renew.

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