well worth a listen: Stephen Miller

I completely love accidentally discovering great music. Those who know me know I tend to get a little (ok, a lot) excited about bands that catch my ear. But let's just ramp that up a level.

I recently happened to catch Stephen Miller at The Journey in St. Louis. (No, not the "Fly Like an Eagle" guy. But I dig him as a classic.)

The first time was just a free Saturday night I stopped by for worship. I got in a little late dealing with bizarre traffic, so I missed the intro and wasn't sure who he was. But I knew he sounded extremely professional, had a great, clean sound, and I was hearing lyrics I recently came to realize I rarely do hear, such as,

"Sovereign King, I’m amazed even more
That You’d chosen me when you founded the world"

That alone said volumes. I wasn't able to get an album that night without cash, but I couldn't stop thinking about those words.

I saw him next at the latest Acts 29 Midwest Regional Quarterly. Again, no idea he'd be there, but I heard that song again, "Awaken My Heart." It's just incredible live in worship, and he added in portions of other songs such as "How Great Thou Art." This time, because it's a training conference, they actually gave the album away. I haven't stopped listening in my car since. Solid theologically and musically, and he's writing concepts I'm really camped out on lately.

"You can break my heart to bring me joy
You can take it all to make me more like You
Oooh, I trust in You, I trust in You
You are sovereign Here"

Given recent experience, I amen that every time. Just phenomenal stuff.

Thus I was very pleasantly surprised to learn he's now actually on staff at The Journey. Their music guys have been awesome about sharing their stuff with us to use with our church, so I think he's in with a pretty great bunch. Even got out at the eleventh hour to catch his first night leading worship in that capacity so my very musical husband could hear too.

So, since he was kind enough to provide a free album, and facilitate some fantastic worship times, I'd like to return the favor with a little promotion here. Right now you can download the "People of Redemption" album free with some promo of your own. Take advantage of that offer while it's available.

And here is a song I referenced above. They were touring with a group called Aerial Experience, which explains the performance artist, but you'll get the idea.

I really do praise God for using music like this to cause me to praise Him more. Enjoy it for His glory.

You Are Sovereign Here

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