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What you are about to read is one of the most inspiring things I came across in all of 2007. It is a Christmas letter which I asked permission to share a portion of with you. This is a letter from a "retired" missionary currently living in West Virginia, a lady who recently lost her husband and is making sure that her days aren't wasted as she spends them serving the Lord.

This is such a fantastic example of the eternal perspective to which I cling and have attempted to share with others that I will let the end of her letter speak for itself.
"My days are busy. I am studying the book of Matthew with Bible Study Fellowship and meeting a lot of lovely people. A few ladies from our church had lunch at my house last week. My neighbors are a joy to know. I feel the urgency of going through boxes of mementos and putting in albums that which our children, grandchildren and their children might someday enjoy and be challenged by. Our children have a great heritage. I wish there were more saved memories from my family. I do want to write something of what knowing God has meant in our lives and I want to be a better prayer warrior. I anticipate in the near future studying church history books and browsing through art books I have collected. My days are busy, peaceful and happy. Grief is not a disease to overcome but a process to live through, and I want to grow in that process. Thank you for the way you have so wonderfully encouraged me by your love, your letters and your prayers.

"I had fun decorating the house yesterday for Christmas. (My husband) is often in my thoughts but not in my prayers. I could not pray anything better for him than what he is experiencing now in the presence of Jesus. In reality, Christmas has a special significance for me this year, because the meaning of Christmas, the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ, assures me that (my husband) and I will be together again, and for eternity! Without Christmas, I would not have this hope. Even through tears I am learning the incomparable blessings and joys we have as believers in the Lord Jesus. Thank God for Christmas. May yours be a blessed one."

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